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Cumulative Update

Kostas here, I 've been writing a lot less in this blog than I'd want to, which is a shame because I've been working on lots of stuff that I 'd like to mention.

First of all, I have taken up more work with P. Touzopoulos, a friend of mine from the academy. I 've mentioned an air combat simulator game that I 've been making with him; the game has progressed further, most notably including:
  • Full Gamepad support
  • NPC allies and enemies with Artificial Intelligence, allowing for more complex missions and air combat
  • New aircraft model (Mirage 2000)
  • New island
These new features are included in a new mission where you take off of an aircraft carrier and have to infiltrate two enemy aircraft:

However, we recently decided to postpone this game, as finishing it will require a lot more time than we expected. Instead, we will be working on a smaller-scale video game that should be finished sooner. This will also allow us to gather significant experience that will help us in our projects.

This latest project is an "escape the room"-type game, but physics-based, in the style of Amnesia and SOMA. Touzopoulos has been doing an outstanding job in modelling the rooms so far:

Despite this being a smaller project, working on it still requires significant work, so it will take some time before it gets a near-final form. Once again, we won't make any promises, but we have high hopes for turning this into a complete game.

Finally, I recently published Omelette, a game I made a while back, on GameJolt!
I also followed up with a quick update, including different gameplay mechanics, more weapons and item pickups. You can see more info and download the new version on Omelette's page on GameJolt.

And that will be all for this post.
Thank you for staying with us, and we hope you enjoy our work!



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