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Conky with Python

These days i was playing around with conky and python. So i created a module in python for file monitoring which i embedded in conky. You can find the source code and the installation instructions in the github link . The list_of_files text file contains the absolute path of the files you want to monitor. You should set as you wish the HOURS variable in scripts/ . This is the time interval (number of hours) after the last change that the module will notify you about the change in the file. In order to monitor the specified files you should have read privileges. Also, take care of update_interval because frequent md5sum calculation may increase the load of your system. It looks like this: -Anastasios will host TAGjam 16

In my last post  I mentioned that participated in TAGjam 15,  The Arbitrary Gamejam (TAG)  of October, and won with the game Flashy Dansy . As per TAG's rules, the winner of one month's jam becomes responsible ("tagged") to host next month's gamejam. This means that JunkBytes will be hosting and managing TAGjam16 , the November gamejam. The gamejam page on GameJolt is now open  and contains more information about the jam. The jam will run from November 7 to November 10, 2014. The game jam is based on three random-generated themes plus one host-chosen theme. These themes will be announced 24 hours before the jam starts. We encourage you to participate, alone or with a team, using any game engine you like. If you are interested, we can send you a reminder email along with the jam themes when the theme-announcement day has come. To do so, send us a message here and write TAGJAM16 in the "Your Message" field. UPDATE 11 Nov:  TagJam16

Flashy Dansy

Kostas here, during the past weekend I took part in a rapid-gamedev competition, #tagjam15 . This compo is a monthly 48-hour or 72-hour game-development jam which I came across by luck. I thought it was a good chance to force myself to make, complete and publish a game in a competition context, so I went for it. The resulting game is Flashy Dansy , a Flashdance-parody where you dance to the song "What A Feeling" in the middle of a bridge road.

Digital Forensics: Imaging

Hello! Sorry for being inactive so much time but summer lasted a little bit longer than usual..! Regarding my digging in digital forensics, i decided to create a series of posts beginning with imaging. So today i will show you the three most prevalent formats of "post-mortem" imaging and how to obtain them (on a *nix system) from a test disk. The discussed formats are the following: (1) Raw Format (2) Expert Witness Compression Format (or ewf) (3) Advanced Forensic Format (or aff)