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Stick Around for Stick Veterans

Stick Veterans , a game I published not long ago, has been updated. New features include: 2D Mode : you can now play the classic, platform-shooter style game, in addition to the already available 3D Mode. You can also play 2D Mode with friends in splitscreen using gamepads. 2 new maps for 3D Mode: " Castle " and " Factory-5 ". Fixed the issue with some Mac computers not showing any maps to play. Other fixes/improvements. Download new version on Alternative link on Gamejolt

Stick Veterans (or "I never thought this moment would come")

A personal project of mine based on the Stick Soldiers series, a project I first posted about 2 years ago , has finally seen the light with its first public version being uploaded on Gamejolt and .

Aerial Battles Anew

This screenshot. I love this screenshot. This is a paused frame during a combat between computer-controlled AIs. The far aircraft has just avoided a missile from a third aircraft (not visible here) and is firing at an enemy. The enemy went down in the very next frame.

Game for Ludum Dare 35: Morpherhead

Update 10 May:   Morpherhead  ranked  #7 in Innovation category,  #14  in  Theme category, and  #87  in  Fun  category, out of 1594  Jam entries! Thanks everyone for these great ratings, as well as your positive comments on the game's page. They really mean a lot. Hopefully this game will see some more development put into it, and maybe we will be there for the next LD jam too. Ludum Dare , an immensely popular gamedev competition and game jam, ran during the past weekend. The theme was Shapeshift . Seeing how I always wanted to take place but always postponed it, I took the chance this time and made a little game: Morpherhead . You can see the jam entry and download the game on the game's LD page . I have also uploaded the game on Game Jolt here .

Happy New Year

Kostas here, thought I should mention that I took part in the Hangover Gamejam 2016 . The point of this jam was to make a game on New Year's day, after the previous day's hangover. I didn't get much of a hangover (although I probably had a long night), but I found the idea quite entertaining nonetheless. The optional jam theme was "Comet" . My creation is Photogenic Comet , which I believe is a good piece of work for the given less-than-24-hour period. In this game you try to guide a comet through space and past the Earth, so that it gets photographed by people. Download & rate "Photogenic Comet" here UPDATE: Photogenic Comet came 2nd in the gamejam results , which I consider a pretty good ranking. Thanks for your support, and make sure to check out the other entries too.