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Showing posts from March, 2015

Game for TAGjam 20 "Impossible Go-Kart in the Desert"

Kostas again, a little late on the update, but I took place in The Arbitrary Gamejam  once again. This month's jam was TAGjam20  which came with some pretty cool (although a bit generic) themes to choose from: Bending the laws of physics, Different moods, Catastrophy, Discovery. But there was an extra rule to make it all hard: We had to use a name from a random name generator . And that is the game title I went for.

Bullets Are Pretty, a different 2d shooter game

Kostas here, I recently dug up another project that I haven't worked on for a long time (as with the Stick Soldiers fangame ). This one is "Bullets Are Pretty", a 2d shoot-em-up game with a few innovative features. See the game in action in the video below: