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Cumulative Update

Kostas here, I 've been writing a lot less in this blog than I'd want to, which is a shame because I've been working on lots of stuff that I 'd like to mention. First of all, I have taken up more work with P. Touzopoulos, a friend of mine from the academy. I 've mentioned an air combat simulator game  that I 've been making with him; the game has progressed further, most notably including: Full Gamepad support NPC allies and enemies with Artificial Intelligence, allowing for more complex missions and air combat New aircraft model (Mirage 2000) New island These new features are included in a new mission where you take off of an aircraft carrier and have to infiltrate two enemy aircraft:

Roadtrip of my first FreeBSD Porting experience

After a long time i am back again writing an article about my favorite OS and my first contribution to it.

Game for TAGjam 20 "Impossible Go-Kart in the Desert"

Kostas again, a little late on the update, but I took place in The Arbitrary Gamejam  once again. This month's jam was TAGjam20  which came with some pretty cool (although a bit generic) themes to choose from: Bending the laws of physics, Different moods, Catastrophy, Discovery. But there was an extra rule to make it all hard: We had to use a name from a random name generator . And that is the game title I went for.

Bullets Are Pretty, a different 2d shooter game

Kostas here, I recently dug up another project that I haven't worked on for a long time (as with the Stick Soldiers fangame ). This one is "Bullets Are Pretty", a 2d shoot-em-up game with a few innovative features. See the game in action in the video below:

All-in-one linux malware obfuscator

It's been a long, long time since i last wrote an article. So i'm back with a new project. These days, during a discussion with one of my friends we were examining the idea of developing an obfuscation platform (containing a great kind of crypters, obfuscators and packers) for linux malwares or shellcodes that can take the executable form of an elf file (32 or 64 bit architecture). Our goal is to bring together (or even create new) techniques and methods of malware obfuscation, only for educational purpose. So i created the project's github page . During these days we plan the very first commits so stay tuned...! Waiting for your comments.

Eye candy

Just a few screenshots to show what I 've been up to these last few weeks. A friend of mine from the airforce academy has been working on 3d modelling as part of his thesis. He showed me some of his work, which included the stunning fighter aircraft you see here. This inspired me to make a game around it, which only recently started taking form.

Mini game "Are These Fireworks?"

Long time no see 'cause work is tough and time goes by. Kostas here, been too busy to do significant progress with any large projects, like the aircraft project . So I decided to break the silence by postponing them, and I tried making some mini-games. I only recently finished one of them. The game is called "Are These Fireworks?". You can play "Are These Fireworks?" on GameJolt .