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Progress update on "dragboxes": switch boxes, banning areas, and basic scripting

In my first post I described a small Game Maker project I am working on. Today I implemented a few additions to the project.


  • Implemented a very basic scripting module, to allow dynamic behaviour
  • Created switch blocks that execute a script when they are placed properly on switch plates
  • Created banning areas, which prevent player boxes (heart boxes) from passing though but let other blocks through
  • Made the motion of the boxes smoother, to allow finer player control

Switch boxes are shown with letters A, B, C, D. A switch box is activated when it is moved exactly on the center of a plate with the same letter, and must also be rotated straight upwards. The box glows purple once it is activated.

The scripting module allows for some basic scripting of the game. Scripts can be executed by pressing L in-game and choosing a script file to load. A script is also executed when a switch block is placed on a switch plate. Currently three commands are implemented:

  • clear; Clears all objects on the map.
  • create x y object; Creates a specified object in given position.
  • destroy objname; Deletes object with given name.

I will not go into more technicalities for now, more about the scripting can be learned by inspecting the game's source code. Go ahead and ask about any questions you may have.

Feel free to test the game and see the new additions in action. Be sure to try out the sample script by pressing L in-game and choosing it (sample_script.txt).


EXE: dragboxes_d2.exe on Dropbox (Windows only, 2.75 MB)
Source: dragboxes_d2.gmk on Dropbox (Game Maker 8.0 file, 0.36 MB)


The screenshots show the sample script in action (first: the switch block is placed on its switch plate, second: the switch block is activated and creates two blocks)

-Kostas V


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