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Aircraft maintenance simulator & VR game projects

Since the start of this academic year I've been enrolled in a Computer Science postgraduate program. I have found a couple of my semester projects to be noteworthy, so I thought I should post about them.

The first is an interactive aircraft maintenance simulator for a Design and Development of Educational Applications course. It's essentially a proof-of-concept educational game aimed for theoretical and practical training of avionics technicians.

The material on this game is based on my personal professional knowledge in avionics maintenance, and the aircraft and devices depicted are simplified versions of real-life counterparts.

While the app itself would need more work to become a full-fledged and production-ready kit, it is still a strong demo with notable potential.

The other project I want to present is a VR game I developed as a team project for an Interactive Applications course. You control an "antivirus robot" in a mission to disinfect hacker-controlled devices using your laser gun.

I was tech leader and programmer of the project. It was the first chance I had to develop a VR game, and I found myself quite pleased with the result.

You can read more on these projects by visiting their respective links:

Thanks for reading, love you.



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