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Stick Veterans 2.0: a long-overdue update

It's been so long since the last game update that I feel nervous writing this.

After a long time of development and rewriting, a new update is finally available.

Stick Veterans 2.0 is now published on Poki, a popular online games website.

Where do I play it?

The game is currently available in the following local sites (but you can play it even outside of these countries):






Soon, the game will be available in the international website. Until then, I repeat: you can play in the above links even if you are in another country!

What has changed?

  • The game is now browser-based. No downloads, just enter the link and you are playing the latest version.
  • Online match-making and playing with the click of a button.
  • Redesigned UI, more options, better controls setup.
  • More stuff (I forget, it's been 3 years of work).

Why Poki?

I honestly have to say that Poki pretty much resurrected Stick Veterans.

These awesome guys reached out to me, at a time when I was completely burned out and was considering dropping Stick Veterans, and they asked to adopt it as an exclusive game for their website. Their wholehearted belief in the game's potential led me to resume the development, and they kept me going with their continuous support even when I continuously delayed my promised release dates due to high workload and burnouts.

Poki is an amazing platform, with amazing games and even more amazing community. I felt honored by this opportunity, and seeing Stick Veterans finally published there, I realise that it feels right at home.

What about and GameJolt, you ask? I hugely appreciate these platforms too, and I owe them for bringing Stick Veterans to so many players that visit it every day. However, browser-based is very different from stand-alone, and I want to focus my full attention in the next updates for Poki. I hope that you will embrace this change and that you will follow it there to see its promising future.

I owe the biggest "thank you" to all of you guys. Your heart-warming support and your comments kept this game going through all its ups and downs. I am eager to hear your feedback on the new update, and hope that you will find it worth the wait.



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