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Stick Veterans (or "I never thought this moment would come")

A personal project of mine based on the Stick Soldiers series, a project I first posted about 2 years ago, has finally seen the light with its first public version being uploaded on Gamejolt and

While simplistic in terms of gameplay, this game aims for the fun-to-play factor. I made a continuous effort to keep the game's style loyal to that of the original games, where you and numerous other stick figures frenzily frag each other in primitive-shape maps.

The current version allows for deathmatch (free-for-all) and team-deathmatch modes against bots, and includes five maps just for showcase (more maps should be available later on, along with a map editor). LAN and online multiplayer are also in the plans.

Among the projects that I have begun and actually finished, this one is probably the most intensely worked-on. Initially a Game Maker 8 project, made 3D with the help of Ultimate3D, I worked on it for almost half a year before dropping it for nearly 4 years. In the meantime I got acclimated with Unity, and rebuilt the project from scratch, until it came to the form it has today, after about one year of work and a second hiatus in the meantime.

I especially need to thank one the developers of the original games, Dylan Allison, who found out about this project during the first hiatus and personally encouraged me to keep working on it. I always felt nostalgic about Stick Soldiers, and seeing this game come alive is a great reward by itself. I hope you enjoy the game.



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