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Aircraft game for Android in progress

For the past month I took a break from Game Maker and have been testing out Unity. In the process I am making a mobile-targeted aircraft game, where the user will compete against flying challenges such as aerobatics, aerial battles and search-and-rescue.

The game has progressed rapidly during the past weeks, and currently boasts:
  • Simplified and intuitive controls, fitting for mobile screens
  • Navigation instruments
  • Infinite procedural terrain with trees
  • Landing strips with ILS-like guidance
  • Consistent and beautiful graphics style

Most aircraft-based games for mobile try too hard to be realistic and accurate, and usually end up being tough and unintuitive, with "cumbersome" controls and dull graphics.

My intention is to make this game look and "feel" beautiful to the user. As such, a minimalistic graphics style was kept, and the controls and instruments are stripped down to the basics.

The game is tested constantly on mobile. The interface has reached its final form and allows for best mobile experience. The game performance is also kept in mind: the game delivers a constant ~40 FPS even in less recent devices.

Multiple types of aircraft are planned, including:

  • Military fighter jets
  • Classic WW2 aircraft
  • Stealth aircraft
  • Helicopters

Player missions planned:

  • Dogfights (machine guns)
  • Advanced Combat (missiles, flares)
  • Aerobatic Competitions
  • Bombing
  • Firefighting
  • Search & Rescue (with helicopters)
  • Reconnaissance (photographing enemy territory)

Hopefully development will continue at the same pace as it has, and in time you will see the game in Android's App Store. More platforms, such as iOS, will also be considered once the game reaches a mature stage on Android.



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