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Stick Veterans 1.0 released + 500 maps milestone

The last time I announced a Stick Veterans milestone was at 100 maps. Since then, Stick Veterans has reached an amazing 500 user-made maps (thank you everyone for making this happen!), and this time I have a proper way to celebrate it: version 1.0 beta has just been released.

The new version brings network matches, which means you can now play with your friends over LAN. Using tunneling programs such as Tunngle or Hamachi, you can also play online over long distances, assuming your connection is good enough.

Another addition is the map rating system: you can now rate any map you play from the pause menu. Maps can also be sorted by rating in the maplist.

Map ratings was a much needed feature now that the number of maps has increased dramatically. I also feel it is a good way for map makers to feel rewarded for their job, as they see their maps accumulate good ratings.

It goes without saying that most of the work done these last months went into the multiplayer aspect. I did my best to achieve a smooth network gameplay, by studying and using techniques such as client prediction and lag compensation. The game still feels a little jittery on non-stable networks (150ms or more), but hopefully it is tolerable in most cases.

Next updates will focus on fixing any bugs that come up (hopefully none?) and adding new content, such as highly-requested new weapons.

Thank you for playing Stick Veterans!



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