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Ludum Dare 46: Super Immunizer

Ludum Dare 46 gamejam has just finished (and seems to have been hugely popular). The theme was "Keep It Alive".

I took part with my cousin Alkis Tagaras (who made the 3D graphics) and my friend Giorgos Giannisis, who made the music. The result is Super Immunizer, a mini-game where you fight microbes as an immune system cell.

This jam went a lot smoother compared to last year's Ludum Dare 44, where I hadn't had enough time to finish the game. Despite still not adding as much content as I was planning (the game's logo teases 3D models that were never put into gameplay), Super Immunizer is adequately polished for gamejam standards.

You can play the game through the Ludum Dare page, on its page and on its GameJolt page. Also check out the other games in the jam.

Missed the chance to include COVID-19 as an in-game enemy. But then again I think we all had enough of it and wouldn't miss it.



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