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SV update 0.9.4 (and what's different about it)

Two days ago I published a new version of Stick Veterans. Version 0.9.4 marks the 4th update released for this game, and also the one that has taken the longest.

Quick mention of the most important additions:
New weapons AK Rifle and Striker shotgun,Main-menu notification when a new version is available,Dynamic adding/removing of bots during a match,Various UI improvements and bug fixes. My focus in this post is what was different about the release of this update.

Since I first published Stick Veterans, there have been 3 updates, all of which took about a month to be made and released. So, why 4 months for this one?

One of the main reasons is my daily schedule. My free time has been noticeably shorter, but I won't dwell on this.

Another reason was the time required for moderating the user-uploaded maps. Since the release of the map editor, there is a slow but steady flow of submitted maps. Some of them are rejected for being poorly made, some are accepted immediately, but the majori…
Recent posts

100 Maps

Stick Veterans has only recently reached the "100 maps milestone", a feat for which I need to thank you guys.

Freebsd Write Blocker Kernel Module

Been a long time since writing a blog post so i'm coming back with this freebsd kernel module. I've started last week to code this freebsd write blocker and hope that it'll end up being a kernel module. Still there's much work to be done (reading about all that filesystem shit, kernel services that deal with the reading storage devices and blablabla). Anyway if you don't know what a write blocker is you can check it right here. There's also a linux write blocker so it's a good start for me even if freebsd kernel differs significantly from linux kernel

I'm progressing regardless of the reading stuff so you can check my project or even test it by the time the first beta release will be announced.

You can look at the code on github anastmag/freebsd-write-blocker.

I hope that from now on my blogposting will be more frequent.

I'm planning to write an article about my first trip to Fosdem 4-5 Feb that took place this year. It was amazing.

See ya.

Global Game Jam 2017: Our game "Speaker Rumble"

Global Game Jam ran a couple weeks ago, and this year I was able to participate. The jam's theme was "Waves".

Teaming up with Chris Sotiropoulos, we made this little game:

We are on Fire

Quick update on Stick Veterans: new version 0.9.3 with a few additions / fixes / improvements.

Flamethrowers (honestly this alone should be a good enough reason to post).Slowmotion mode (that too).More discernible team colors, gameplay improvements, AI behaviour revampedOther stuff blah blah

Download from or
Download from Gamejolt